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Outsourced Credit Control and Commercial Debt Collection

We are here to help you look after your cash so your business can thrive.

Getting paid on time, every time, releases important cash-flow into your business helping you avoid expensive overdrafts and bank loans, or freeing money for investment, but few small and medium sized businesses can afford a specialist Credit Controller.

This is where we come in.

Whether it's outsourcing your monthly credit control on an ongoing basis, a short term project to clear up your debtor book or help with chasing a late payer, we can help.

If we've contacted you on behalf of a client, read this.

Our Services

However good you are at winning new business, you won't get far if you don't get paid.

Letting your customers borrow money from you beyond the agreed terms incurs a real cost to your business. The older a debt becomes, the greater the chance your customer goes bust leaving you at the back of a long queue of creditors.

Professional management of accounts receivable has to be at the heart of any successful business. Our services help small and medium sized businesses look after their cash flow and manage their finances better.

outsourced credit controller

Outsourced Credit Control

Prevention is better than cure. Rather than waiting for debts to become very overdue before seeking help, we recommend pro-active management of accounts receivable.

We become a part of your finance team, your outsourced credit controller. Every month we issue statements and politely contact your customers to ensure you get paid on time. Our professional persistence will, over time, train your customers to pay on time, every time.

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get late invoices paid quickly

Debt Collection Service

Do you have a business customer that just won't settle your invoice?

Have you got more constructive things to do with your time than hassling people to pay you?

Let our CreditXS debt recovery service take the strain. It only takes a couple of minutes to send us their details. My Credit Controllers will be working for you right away. Our experience is that once a customer realises it's got serious the invoice is often paid quickly.

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help sorting out overdue unpaid invoices

Credit Reports

Before you extend credit to a customer, find out exactly who you are dealing with by taking a detailed, high quality credit report on the company.

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bookkeeping services


We can also help with all of your general book keeping requirements from inputting invoices to preparing management accounts.

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calculate interest on overdue payments

Late Payment Interest Calculator

You have a statutory right to add interest and compensation to late payments from commercial customers. Use our handy late payment calculator to work out how much you can add.

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Keep up to date with all our news as well as industry and late payment regulation.

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