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Services for the Construction Sector

Dealing with large contractors and housebuilders that aren't shy about giving themselves generous payment terms, time spent chasing for retention payments, and administering sector-specific tax arrangements (CIS) - the financial challenges of managing a successful company in the construction sector are formidable. With My Credit Controllers on your side, you've got one less thing to worry about and can focus on what you do best.

How We Can Help

My Credit Controllers has helped hundreds of companies in the construction sector improve their cash flow by collecting payments, and by taking away burden of administration and bookkeeping and providing credit reports to de-risk credit decisions.

Collecting Payments

Our highly experienced team can improve your cash flow by collecting payments on your behalf from your customers. Find out more about our cash collection services:

  • Monthly Credit Control Service. We become an outsourced part of your finance team, with a dedicated credit controller working with your customers to promptly collect money to your account each month. Over time we'll train your customers to pay you to terms. We'll also keep track of your retention payments and bring those in when they fall due.
  • Credit Control Project. Perhaps you have some stubborn or aged debts cluttering up your accounts? Why not hand them over to us as a time-limited project? We love a challenge!
  • Pay As You Go Collections. Submit any business to business debt using our online portal and we'll collect it on a no-win no-fee basis so you have nothing to lose by giving us a try. There's no upfront fees and the charge is lower the less old the debt is.

Accountancy Services

From preparing CIS tax returns, to processing sales and purchase invoices to producing monthly managment accounts for you, we can help with your financial administration and accounting requirements. Read more about our accountancy services here.

Credit Reports

Before you give a customer a credit account, what checks do you run? Our high quality credit reports give you all the information you need to check that the customer is genuine and not going to be a financial risk to your business. Read more about our credit reports here.


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