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Small Business Commissioner

Government Appoints New Small Business Commissioner

March 16 2020

The government has today announced the appointment of Liz Barclay as Small Business Commissioner, heading up the organisation that administers the Prompt Payment Code and aims to crack down on late payments to smaller businesses. The ex-CEO of Citizens Advice and BBC presenter will begin her tenure on 1 July when she replaces current interim Commissioner Philip King.

The Small Business Commissioner considers complaints from small businesses (those with less than 50 employees) about payment problems from larger business customers (those with more than 50 employees). It then makes non-binding recommendations on how the parties should resolve their disputes.

The government has recently taken action to address the issue of late payments, consulting last year on new powers for the Commissioner, including the power to order payments, levy fines and open investigations based on third-party information and announcing reforms to the Prompt Payment Code.

Liz Barclay said

" We need a real culture change around business payments in the UK to take pressure off our phenomenal entrepreneurs. People who have already delivered goods and services have to be able to turn their attention to their next client and next order rather than chasing up late payments and worrying about their cashflow. I know from personal experience how damaging that can be to mental and emotional health.

By working with businesses and ensuring their concerns are listened to I hope to be able to deliver a payment regime that keeps cash flowing and works for everyone. "

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