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Late Payments from soccer teams

Premier League Football Clubs Score Low on Paying Suppliers

May 25 2017

Credit checking company Creditsafe has announced the results of its so-called 'Prompt Payment Premier League Table' and the standings show that the biggest clubs are among the worst at a paying their suppliers. Top of the table, with the best treatment of suppliers are Swansea City (1 day beyond terms), Middlesbrough (1 day beyond terms) and Bournemouth (4 days beyond terms).

Propping up the bottom of the table, in the relegation zone for late payment are Manchester City (21 days beyond terms), Manchester United (24 days) and Sunderland (25 days beyond terms).

Together, Premier League clubs are together witholding 1.3m in overdue invoices, despite a combined turnover of 3bn.

Rachel Mainwaring, Creditsafe UK operations director, said

"Even in the Premier League, with all the money that is available to its top clubs, late payment is rife. This is a problem for businesses dealing with the wealthy premier league clubs, who find themselves with a potentially dangerous financial shortfall."

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