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To Add Multiple Invoices

December 12 2016

The updated system makes entering many invoices at the same time much easier.

1. Once you've filled out the details of the first invoice, click next

debt collection of multiple invoices from the same customer

2. You are then taken to a summary screen with details of invoices entered. Click on 'Add Another Invoice' and you will be taken back to the Register New Invoices screen (1). Here you can quickly enter details of a second invoice to the same customer.

You can also add invoices to a different customer by clicking on 'Add a new debtor...' above the 'Who owes you money?' input box.

3. Continue to add invoices in this way until you have all of the invoices you wish to submit for debt collection on the summary page. Then click next to move on to decide whether to add interest to late invoices to the invoices on the list and finally submit the invoices into the CreditXS system for our credit controllers to collect on your behalf.


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