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SME Business Owners too Busy for a Home Life

September 04 2014

New research from YouGov research shows that 44% of SME business owners have failed to attend a personal occasion because they are too busy.  

The research also found that: 

17% had missed picking their children up from school, 
11% have failed to attend an anniversary celebration with a partner or spouse 
10% have had to choose running the business over attending a wedding of a friend or relative. 
15% had even missed their own birthday celebration.

Small business owners have even had to skip funerals of friends and family members due to their high workload.  One business owner even missed out on the birth of their child (a male respondent presumably!).

Commenting on this research, Sam White, CEO of My Credit Controllers said:

"The attraction for many people in setting up a small business is the freedom and control over their own time.  This research shows that the reality for many is long hours, stress and a high price to their personal life."

"Chasing down late payers consistently rates as one of the stressful tasks that small business owners and managers most dislike.  Life's too short. Why not outsource the stress to My Credit Controllers either giving us a single overdue business debt to collect or by completely outsourcing your Credit Control function?"

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