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CreditXS commercial debt collection service

Debt Collection and Credit Control for Smaller Businesses

As the owner or manager of a small business, you've certainly got plenty of better things to do with your precious time than chasing customers to get paid.

However, it's a sad fact of business life that many customers will only pay once they've been reminded, and some will need more encouragement than that. If your business is too small to justify having a specialist credit controller, the important task of making sure that there is enough cash coming into the bank account each month falls on the business owner or financial controller.

People often find it difficult to pick up the phone and ask for money, especially if they are also responsible for cultivating the customer for future business. Our monthly credit control service means that you can hand over this task to a professional, curteous but persistent credit controller from our team on an outsourced basis. There is no minimum value, and you only pay for money successfully collected, so businesses of any size can benefit from professional credit control.

Perhaps your business has invoices to a few hold-out customers that you're finding difficult to collect?. You can submit small numbers o individual debts to our online debt recovery service - CreditXS - and let us do the chasing for you. Often simply escalating to an outside party with the credible threat of court action behind it underlines the seriousness of the situation to the debtor and payment soon follows.

If you are happy with your day-to-day collections, but you have accumulated a number of old unpaid debts that you would like to try to collect before you write them off, then a credit control project may be the most appropriate service for you. We have had success collecting debts that are months or even years past due.

We can also assist with bookkeeping.