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Late Payment Interest and Compensation Calculator

If you have an overdue invoice, use this calculator to find out how much interest and statutory compensation you can add to the bill.

Company Check

Has a company gone bust owing you money? Use this tool to find out.

The Importance of Good Credit Control

What is Credit Control, and why is it so important to a business? Making sure your customers settle their bills on time can unlock the potential of your business.

Debt Collection - How Does it Work?

Business debt collection is not about big blokes with baseball bats. Learn more about the professional approach to recovering late commercial payments.

If You've Been Contacted by us

If we've contacted you about a payment on behalf of a client, this article explains what to expect and how to respond

How Long Does an Old Unpaid Invoice Remain Collectable?

How old can an invoice be and still be valid for collection? Is there a time limit beyond which you can no longer chase a customer for payment?

I Forgot to Invoice Someone - Is There a Time Limit?

How long after you delivered your products or services to a customer can you issue your invoice? Is there a time limit beyond which you cannot send an invoice?

How to Spot a Bad Debt Before it Happens

Are you keeping tabs on the financial health of your customers? This article gives a list of early warning signs that you should be on the lookout for.

Can I Add Interest to an Overdue Invoice?

Recent legislation has made it possible to claim interest and costs from late payers. You can ask your debtor to pay the costs of recovering the debt and interest.

What to Look for in a Debt Collection Company

our customer has taken you to the end of your tether and used every excuse in the book. What should you look when turning to a debt collector for help?

How to Tackle a Disputed Invoice

Tips on how to deal with a customer that disputes your bill and won't pay you.

How to Decide Whether to Give Credit to a Customer

Just how much do you know about the companies you're doing business with? Credit account application forms - this article gives advice and best practice on what to ask your new customer before giving them credit.

How to Check if a Company is Still Trading

A company that owes you money stops taking your calls and responding to emails. How can you find out whether it's folded?

Your Business Credit Score

Why it's important, and how to improve it.

How to Write a Proper Invoice

Our handy infographic shows how to make sure your invoice is a proper legal document. A poorly written invoice can make it difficult to recover an overdue debt.

Best Practice Credit Control to get Paid on Time, Every Time

Don't wait until it's already late - there's lots you could be doing before the due date to get make sure your customers pay to terms.

Financial Dates for your Diary

All the important dates and deadlines through the Financial Year

Making Tax Digital

What you need to know.


Tax treatment of off-payroll workers.

How a Purchase Order Helps You Get Paid on Time

What may seem like more paperwork to an SME is actually a crucial part of ensuring you get paid on time and without dispute.

Getting Paid on Supplier Portals

It's not as easy as they make it out to be - read our tips on how to get paid quickly through supplier portals.

How to Take Someone To Small Claims Court

What's involved in taking a bad debt to court and seek a County Court Judgement (CCJ) for them to pay your invoice. We describe the process and costs.

Infographic - Taking a Debtor to Court

My Credit Controllers can help you recover money by taking your debtor through the courts. Our infographic shows how it all works.

What to do if a Customer Goes into Administation Owing You Money

How does the process of administration and liquidation work for a business and what should you do to avoid getting caught. Tips and suggestions for what to do if you find yourself with an unpaid invoice from a business in administration.

A Customer Hasn't Paid, Can I Reclaim my Goods?

If a customer has not paid you, are you within your rights to go an reclaim the goods you supplier them? What can you do with your terms and conditions of sale to give yourself more cover in these circumstances?

Why not Outsource Your Credit Control?

Five reasons to consider subcontracting this specialised business function.

How to Choose a Bookkeeper

What to look for when selecting a bookkeeper to work for your business.

What is Invoice Financing?

Invoice factoring and invoice discounting offer improved cash flow. We explain how they work and examine the pros and cons of this form of finance.

What Does a Credit Controller Cost?

Can you afford a credit controller? Can you afford not to have a credit controller?

Why Businesses Give Credit

What is trade credit and why do companies extend it to customers?

Credit Control in the Holiday Season

Don't let your cash become a gift to customers at this time of year.

Should you Name and Shame Late Payers?

Is it a good idea to use social media such as Twitter or Facebook to publicise that a company hasn't paid my bills?

How to Collect Late Payment from an Important Customer

How arms-length debt collection can improve your relationship with key customers.

I've not been Paid my Wages, What can I do About it?

If your employer owes you money, how should you go about getting paid? Can you use a debt collector to get your unpaid salary?

Well Managed Businesses Manage Customer Credit

One consistent characteristic of a successful business is that it manages its money effectively.

My Rights and Debt Collectors

What are the rules governing debt collection?

What Does 'Without Prejudice' Mean?

What does this legal term mean, why write it on a letter?

Mediation for Disputed Invoices

Options to consider before going to court.

Solicitors Letter Before Action

Is it the best way to tackle a late paying customer and overdue invoice?

Limited Liability Companies - Their Uses and Abuses

It has been called the "greatest single discovery of modern times", but do its special features have a down side too?

How to Get Retentions Paid in Construction

If you're not chasing your customer for retention payments, you're leaving money on the table.

Six Key Steps to Avoid a Bad Debt in Construction

How to avoid getting caught by a customer going bust in the construction sector


The Pre Action Protocol for Debt Claims

Requirements before you can take an individual or sole trader to court to recover a debt.

Invoice Payment Terms

A list of payment terms from invoices and their abbreviations.

Insolvency Notice Codes and Their Meaning

As a business goes through insolvency, public notices will help you understand what's going on. We explain what the announcements mean.

Financial Checks on Foreign Companies

Sources of information on the finances of overseas businesses.

Case Studies

Solar Trade Association

Trade associations often have a difficult time encouraging their members to pay their annual subscription invoice in a timely way.

In 2014, the Solar Trade Association (STA) took up a partial debtor book credit control service with My Credit Controllers. The impact was so impressive that for 2015, a full debtor book service agreement has been signed.

The case study shows the improvement that professional credit control made to the cash flow of the association.