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If You've been Contacted by us

If we've contacted you about a bill that needs to be paid, it's because we've been appointed by one of your suppliers to collect payment on their behalf. This could be because they are clients of our monthly credit control service or that they have placed a single debt for collection with our CreditXS debt recovery service.

Either way, here's a few pointers on what to expect and how best to respond.

It's Good to Talk!

We cannot stress how important it is to maintain good, open communication during the process of settling overdue payments. Ignoring our communications will not make the issue go away and can often make the situation far, far worse.

If we have to take the case to court to recover our client's money you may well have to pay all their legal costs, interest and compensation on top of the original debt you owe them. We have had cases where the debtor ended up paying our client many times more than the original debt because they refused to engage with the process and ended up in court.

By contrast, we find that our clients are more likely to accept a payment plan and even to forgo their statutory right to interest and compensation on late payments if the company owing them money responds quickly and acts in good faith.

Keep it Professional

Please remember that our staff are just doing their job. They will always deal with you in a polite, professional and respectful manner. We expect that they are treated the same way.

We're Here to Help

Despite some people's perception, we are here to help and will always try to resolve matters amicably without the need for legal intervention. If you believe that there is a genuine dispute on the invoice, let us know and we will do our best to resolve the matter. It may be something simple like you need a copy invoice or proof of delivery before you can make payment - again we can get these for you.

We know how tough it can be to run a business and that cash flow issues can hit any type of organisation at any time. If you are experiencing cash flow issues then we may be able to organise a repayment plan which is acceptable to both parties. If your business itself is struggling with late-paying customers, then we might well be able to help you recover on your own overdue invoices. After all, it's in everyone's interest that you get this money in!

We look forward to hearing from you.

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